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Red Amber ~ Root Chakra

Red Amber ~ Root Chakra

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~Use this oil for opening and clearing the Root Chakra.

~The Root Chakra is our connection to Mother Earth/grounding.

~Red Amber helps us to face the deeper spiritual reasons for our pain.

~Associated Color: Red

~Element: Earth

~Associated Organs: Foot, Blood, Vertebral column, Skeleton, Teeth, Bones and Legs


How to use it:

~Breath: Directly inhale.

~Soak: Relax by adding 2 - 3 small drops in a hot bath.~

~Diffuse: Use oil in a candle warmer or diffuser

~Direct: Apply a drop to your chakras or pulse points on your body (wrist, neck, etc.)

~Massage: Mix in a 9:1 ratio with your unscented, organic, massage oil

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